Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Introductory Post

They say the first step is admission--so here it is.

I'm a junkie.

A movie junkie, to be more precise.

Who doesn't love a good movie? But not only do I love watching movies, I enjoy (maybe more than I should) researching them; reading quotes, fun trivia and 'goofs'; looking up information on the actors and actresses; scrutinizing critic reviews and most of all discussing them with other people.

I'm not a big purse person, but I do carry a small one around with me when I go out. It's an endless mess--not because it's full of cosmetics, cash, credit cards, etc--but on any given day it is overflowing with movie ticket stubs. Among them are Awake, Enchanted, Beowulf, August Rush, Fred Claus, 27 Dresses, National Treasure (twice), Dan in Real Life, and many more.

As much as I enjoy movies--watching and mindlessly researching--I haven't looked much (read: at all) into the actual techniques and terminology of film. So hopefully by the end of the semester, I'll be able to apply what I learn in Art of Film to any and all movies I watch in the future.

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